This course is designed to enable managers to facilitate constructive and productive interpersonal and group functioning to maximise the likelihood of securing positive results.  Key characteristics and skills are identified and developed using simulations, practice and detailed feedback from the tutor.

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course delegates will have:

  • Demonstrated their understanding of the role, skills and behaviours appropriate to effective group facilitation and discussion leading
  • Recognised the relative impact of verbal and non-verbal behaviours
  • Practised advanced listening, questioning and summarising skills
  • Examined ways of exercising influence in groups and identified their own favoured style
  • Reviewed team roles and their impact on outcomes
  • Used participative techniques through the use of discussion leading and the management of a group towards the achievement of specific objectives
  • Demonstrated their skill at controlling progress, managing time effectively and ensuring focus on the key issues
  • Participated in or facilitated a meeting with the purpose of decision making, problem solving and gaining consensus
  • Demonstrated skills of observation, analysis and assertive feedback

Course Content

The Role and Skills of the Facilitator
Defining the role
Identifying the skills

The Effective Team
The behavioural characteristics of the effective team
Participant effectiveness
How do we match up?

Introduction to Behaviour
The sources of behaviour

The power of behaviour
Beliefs, Values and Attitudes

Self Awareness & Team Behaviour
Behaviour in groups
Impact of individual behaviour on group effectiveness
Role expectations and their impact on behaviour

Essential Facilitation Skills
Communication as a key tool
Questioning and listening skills
Giving and receiving feedback
Information sharing

Making Meetings More Effective
Defining the effective meeting
Managing and controlling the meeting
Focusing the group
Techniques for gathering and recording ideas

Facilitation in Action
Principles for building sustainable agreements
Managing decisions making in groups
Gaining group consensus
Generating and using team creativity

Dealing with Difficult Situations
Managing the stages of team development
The causes of conflict
Dealing with awkward team members
Managing group interactions and contributions

Personal Development Action Plan

Course Duration: Two Days

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