Word Advanced



This course is for proficient users of Word, who typically use it every day, and who are perhaps responsible for generating consistent-looking, professional documents that may be used by other people in an organisation.

Producing large reports, manuals or any other long document can be a time-consuming and complex process due to having to work in a multi-sectioned document, using many of Word’s more advanced features.  Ensuring that text appears in the right location with the right formatting and that bullets and numbering flow correctly is often infuriating.

This course concentrates heavily on the application of paragraph and character styles, as a means of formatting your document in a more efficient manner than the traditional direct formatting method. The use of multiple sections is re-solved by gaining an understanding of the difference between the various breaks that can be inserted into a document. The Outline View will allow delegates to move large sections of a document from one place to another, without the need for cut, copy and paste.

Delegates will be able to navigate around multi-paged and potentially multi-sectioned documents, more efficiently through use of techniques such as bookmarks and cross references.

Product Documents

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Course Objectives 

Who Should Attend

  • Proficient regular Word users who need to learn how to produce long, consistently formatted documents efficiently.
  • Users who have attended other Word courses and would like to build on their skills.
  • Long-time, self-taught users who have never had any formal training but want to learn how to reduce those classic frustrations with Word “having a life of its own”!


  • Delegates must be able to create, save and retrieve short documents in Word
  • Delegates should know how to format a short document
  • Delegates should know how to lay out text using tabs and indents

On Completion

  • Apply and modify paragraph & character styles to format a document
  • Use Outline View to move sections of text from one place to another efficiently
  • Insert a Table of Contents, Index and Table of Figures
  • Generate sections with different headers & footers through the correct use of document breaks
  • Reference different sections of text using various techniques
  • Import data from other Microsoft programs

Course Content

Recap Key Skills

Paragraph Styles
Apply, Modify, Create, Delete
Add to Template
Style Based on/ Style Following
Automatically Update
Paragraph Outline Level

Character Styles
Apply, Modify, Create, Delete
Add to Template

Table of Contents
Modify Table of Content Styles

Outline View
Move Up/Down
Style Width

Organiser (All Tabs)
Recap Outline Numbering
Customise Style and Position
Linked with styles (optional)

Section Breaks
Next Page
Odd Page
Even Page

Headers and Footers in multiple sections
Same as Previous
Odd v Even
Working with Fields
Date and Time
Doc Info (Properties)
Style Ref
Toggle Code
Tools – Options – View  – Field Shading

Copy & Paste/Paste Special
Insert Object
Saving as a Template
User versus Workgroup

Extras (dependent on time)
Cross References
Footnotes and Endnotes
Form fields

Course Duration: One Day

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