Word Intermediate



This course focuses on creating professional-looking short documents, generated in the most efficient manner possible.

Most people need to produce some form of written documentation at some point in their working day, and the ability to open up Word and to begin typing appears straightforward. However, Microsoft Word is a highly underestimated program. There are many underlying principles to creating documents, which are often overlooked. The frustrations that then arise when Word doesn’t behave as you expect, can generate inefficient working practices and unprofessional looking documents.

Delegates will work with the hugely powerful “Paragraph Mark” to help explain the underlying mechanics of why text appears to move around the document with a “life of its own”. All font and paragraph formatting techniques will be explained. Various pagination techniques will help control which page text appears on, and spelling and formats will be automatically corrected. The mysterious world of “bullets and numbering” will be resolved and basic Headers and Footers inserted. You will not only be able to print the document you have created but also the envelope and/or the label that may accompany it.

Product Documents

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Course Content

Overview Basics
Using Writing Tools
♦ Spelling
♦ Grammar
♦ Thesaurus
♦ Word Count

♦ Enable Correction features
♦ Create custom corrections

♦ Store and Paste Common phrases
♦ Use as modular templates
♦ Add an auto signature

Indirect Paragraph Formatting
♦ Indents
♦ Alignment
♦ Line Spacing

♦ Widow/Orphan
♦ Keep with Next
♦ Keep Lines Together
♦ Page Break Before
♦ Suppress Line Numbers
♦ Don’t Hyphenate
♦ Paragraph Spacing

♦ Creating tables
♦ Inserting Row/Columns
♦ Column/Row widths
♦ Table borders
♦ Merge/split cells
♦ Numbering & Bullets

Borders and Shading
♦ Page Border
♦ Shading
♦ Text or Paragraph

Bullets and Numbering
♦ Apply B&N
♦ Outline Numbering
♦ Customise B&N

Page Set Up and Printing
♦ Print Preview
♦ Print Options
♦ Orientation
♦ Margins
♦ Vertical Alignment

Page Break
♦ Column Break
♦ Section Break

Headers and Footers in one section
♦ Create and Modify
♦ Different First Page

Printing Envelopes and Labels
Basic Fields
♦ Date and Time

Course Duration: One Day

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