This course deals with the practical issues of making written communications work effectively.  It is for anyone who has a responsibility for communicating with customers, managers and employees, and the outside world in general.  It aims to send delegates away able to write efficiently and effectively

Product Documents

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Course Objectives 

By the end of the course, delegates will have:

  • Reviewed copywriting concepts
  • Reviewed methods of writing to sell successfully
  • Used a systematic approach to writing a range of documents
  • Structured the correspondence logically
  • Reviewed how to layout material effectively
  • Practised writing a range of material, relevant to their job role

Course Content

25 reasons why written communications fail

The secrets of successful writing

Effective writing style

Planning what to say and how to say it

Avoiding the pitfalls of spelling and grammar

Format and styles for business communications (including email)

Communicating information to senior managers


Preparing a brief for suppliers (design agencies, consultants, new product development agencies, suppliers working on new product concepts, PR agencies)

Eye-catching articles in newspapers and company newsletters

Mail shots

Effective business correspondence

Packaging copy

Do’s and don’ts of copy layout

Course Duration: One Day

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