ILM - Develop the skills, knowledge and personal abilities you need to succeed

By Christy Morris 4th February 2022

ILM – Institute of Leadership and Management

ILM qualifications are designed to help managers increase staff efficiency and ensure that their businesses run at an optimum level of productivity. Training courses can be tailored to the needs of individual organisations and their managers.

ILM Level 3 Certificate

Ideal for first line managers or supervisors who have management responsibilities but no formal training. Ideal for team leaders who will be leading people through organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures. To complete the certificate you can attend the below units to get your 13 credits which is required to pass. 


Below is our standard units which cover many areas of managers leadership and management development which we offer for out public courses. In-company courses can be tailored more specifically with different units


Understanding Leadership (1 Day Course)

develop knowledge and understanding of different leadership styles and behaviours that can be found in the workplace. This course will also identify individuals own preferred leadership styles and the impact this can have on behaviour of team members.


Communication Skills for Managers (1 Day Course) 

A major element of good management, managers need to be able to communicate, build relationships and work with individuals at all levels. Their behaviour and interpersonal skills can affect others both positively and negatively. 

Establishing an Effective Team (1 Day) 

 Develop knowledge and understanding of how to establish an effective team. In order for a team to perform effectively the members need to work together in a positive and constructive manner.

Understanding organising and delegating in the workplace (1 Day)

process of organising involves the allocation of responsibilities and ensuring individuals understand their allocated tasks within the appropriate time-frame. Delegation and empowerment are ways in which efficiency and effectiveness can be improved at work by increasing employee involvement and motivation.

Understanding how to motivate to improve performance (1 Day) 

Develop knowledge of why motivation is important, what motivates people and how understanding this can be used to increase motivation in the workplace with resulting improvements in performance. 


Understanding Conflict Management (1 Day)  

Gain knowledge and examples of managing conflict by highlighting ways of minimising and resolving issues of conflict that may arise within the workplace.

Developing yourself and others (1 Day) 

Learn to improve your self-organisation and development. It will help delegates to investigate, understand and review key elements of personal effectiveness in order to develop.

Workplace Coaching(1 Day)

The benefits of coaching are now well recognised in the workplace. Coaching enables people to take personal responsibility and to achieve better outcomes with less stress.