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By Christy Morris 22nd October 2021

Building Resilience at Work

We are in a period of intense change. How will your organisation support your people to be adaptable and resilient so they don’t simply ‘survive’ but, instead, thrive?

Improve your own personal resilience and wellbeing, support your team and organisation. This course can help by showing you how to actively build coping strategies for these intense periods of change and improve ability to manage stress, build relationships at work and enable you to more easily, and quickly, adapt to future uncertainty. Help maintain motivation, health and engagement as well as improving productivity and developing your people.

Giving Difficult and Constructive Feedback

A course for anyone at any level who give feedback to others as part of their job role. Constructive feedback is a key area for supervisors and manager to master to improve team performance.

For those who struggle with conflict in the workplace, we will give you the tools to deal and cope with emotional reactions from giving difficult feedback while building trust and rapport within your team and organisation. Anyone who isn't comfortable or confident about receiving feedback will also benefit from this fantastic programme.

Time & Self-Management

In this programme we explore The impact of effective time management and the Characteristics of the effective time manager. This is all influenced by personal style and workplace environments which will differ from other delegates on the course allowing open discussions of varying perspectives.

Priority Setting, Spending the right time doing the right things and Dealing with reactive demands are daily challenges we all face which with the right tools become more manageable making you feel less stressed, more productive and allows time to think. Another key area of focus are the principles delegation, planning and objective setting for you and the team you oversee.

In a world of flexible working hours, changing work environments and remote team leading time management has become more important than ever for any organisation  

Our next spotlight course dates:

Building Resilience at Work - 3rd November

Giving Difficult and Constructive Feedback - 18th November 

Time & Self-Management - 2nd December