Training - Improving Training Outcomes

This course is designed to develop the skills of an experienced trainer; particular emphasis will be placed on setting learning objectives, preparing a training session and feedback skills.


One Day Course 

Course Outline (PDF)

Course Objectives:

  • Set appropriate training objectives and determined the appropriate strategy to meet them
  • Discussed alternative ways of learning and managing different learning experiences
  • Examined ways of designing and sourcing learning opportunities
  • Created a responsive learning environment through the use of highly developed questioning and listening skills
  • Identified a range of techniques for creating the opportunities for interaction and learning by doing
  • Demonstrated their understanding of group dynamics in a learning environment
  • Demonstrated skills of observation and non-directive feedback
  • Developed basic facilitation skills to use with experiential learning
  • Used coaching skills to facilitate learning
  • Facilitated an experiential learning exercise
  • Agreed the most effective ways of handling conflict and awkward participants
Price: £450 + vat


  • Tuesday 14th June 2022
  • Tuesday 9th August 2022
  • Thursday 13th October 2022
  • Thursday 1st December 2022