Access Intermediate

This course focuses on the role of the database designer in the specification and creation of tables, Forms and Reports.

It covers both the theory and practicalities of table design and takes delegates through the stages of designing a relational database together with a comprehensive understanding of this most vital of elements within any database.


One Day Course

Course Outline (PDF)

Course Objectives:

  • A focused course on Table design
  • Understand the theory behind table design best practice
  • Understand specification for good form design
  • Transferable skills to other database applications as the principals are the same
  • Reduce or eliminate repetitive data through table relationships
  • Practical examples of good and bad report or form design
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Price: £175 + vat


  • Thursday 14th July 2022
  • Monday 8th August 2022
  • Tuesday 13th September 2022
  • Thursday 13th October 2022
  • Tuesday 8th November 2022
  • Thursday 8th December 2022