Getting to Grips with Finance

These days, anyone moving up the company ladder has got to have an understanding of finance and budgets.  This practical course gives non-financial people the tools to understand and interpret the company’s final accounts and budgets – and actually have fun doing it! Delegates receive a practical grounding in how the final accounts of a business are put together and how to make sense of them. Also an understanding of the basics of budgeting cash flow and break-even analysis.


One Day Course

Course Outline (PDF)

Course Objectives:

  • Interpret the Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Compare meaningfully the financial reports of one business with another
  • Understand the basic principles and terminology of accounting statements
  • Recognise the vital importance of cash flow for a business
  • Compile cash flow forecasts
  • Understand how a budgetary control system works
  • Interpret and act upon budgetary information
  • Distinguish between fixed and variable costs
  • Recognise the importance of knowing the break-even point for a project
Price: £450 + vat


  • Tuesday 5th July 2022
  • Tuesday 13th September 2022
  • Wednesday 9th November 2022