Managing the Demanding Customer

Providing Customer Service is not always easy, Customers often have expectations, which are sometimes unreasonable or unrealistic.  This course is designed to enable staff to deal with demanding situations in a more confident manner.


One Day Course

Course Outline (PDF)

Course Objectives:

  • Identified areas which cause customers to be demanding or difficult
  • Identified ways of minimising these areas
  • Reviewed and practised methods of responding to demanding customers
  • Reviewed ways to stop ourselves taking the situation personally
  • Practised communicating in a confident and calm manner when under pressure
  • Developed strategies for handling different types of ‘demanding’ customers
  • Identified unacceptable behaviour and how to handle the situation
  • An appreciation of the benefits to themselves and their Company of turning a difficult situation around.
Price: £450 + vat


  • Monday 6th June 2022
  • Monday 1st August 2022
  • Wednesday 5th October 2022
  • Wednesday 21st December 2022