Presenting - Inspire with the power of your voice when presenting

A great many people worry about how they speak and sound. This one day course will enable delegates to speak with impact and clarity, which in turn increases confidence and relaxes the speaker.


One Day Course

Course Outline (PDF)

Course Objectives:

  • Practised vocal techniques to create impact and clarity
  • Reviewed methods of calming nerves and utilising the energy in their voice
  • Practised enriching their voice with colour and vitality
  • Identified key words which persuade the audience to listen
  • Examined body language to display self-assurance
  • Practised speaking within the group
  • Received individual coaching and feedback
Price: £450 + vat


  • Tuesday 14th June 2022
  • Wednesday 3rd August 2022
  • Wednesday 19th October 2022
  • Tuesday 13th December 2022