Problem Solving & Decision Making

To enable participants to use a logical, systematic approach for solving problems, while encouraging them to take a more creative approach to generating solutions that may not have normally been considered.


One Day Course

Course Outline (PDF)

Course Objectives:

  • Used a logical framework for solving problems and making decisions
  • Understood the importance of deciding aims before undertaking tasks
  • Recognised the range of information sources available to them
  • Evaluated alternative solutions to problems through a variety of methods
  • Used a variety of effective planning tools
  • Recognised the value when undertaking a task
  • Recognised that conflict, if managed correctly, can be of value in a change orientated organisation
  • Reviewed and be able to choose appropriate ways in which to deal with conflict
  • Practised communicating decisions effectively
Price: £780 + vat


  • Tuesday 24th May 2022
  • Tuesday 19th July 2022
  • Tuesday 27th September 2022
  • Saturday 5th November 2022