Stress - Dealing with Stress and Conflicting Needs

This one day course examines the causes of some workplace activities that can be stressful for you and it examines the impact on you and your colleagues’ productivity. It offers you highly practical advice and will help you to deal with these situations and manage the sometimes conflicting needs of others effectively. It’s about how to improve and maximise your performance in the workplace.


One Day Course

Course Outline (PDF)

Course Objectives:

  • Assess your personal stress levels and identify the common causes of stress in the workplace.
  • Identify the causes and effects of stress on your actions.
  • Recognise the symptoms of stress in yourself and colleagues.
  • Learn how you can deal with pressure and stress effectively at work.
  • Adapt to changes in working routine or environment.
  • Make changes in your behaviour to resolve conflict of needs in others.
Price: £450 + vat


  • Thursday 7th July 2022
  • Thursday 8th September 2022
  • Tuesday 22nd November 2022