Robert, MCIPD, Management & Personal Development

Robert is a Management Development Trainer and coach working with managers and senior business professionals of different levels and experience for over 10 years on a diverse range of topics.

Since 2001, Robert has been working with managers and their employees to enhance their business skills, behaviours, knowledge and abilities both in group training sessions and one to one coaching and during that time he has helped many businesses and managers achieve challenging goals.

He continues to build on his reputation as an outstanding and challenging executive coach and mentor with his unique and insightful coaching style. In his group training, he uses a mix of presentation and facilitation skills in a classroom environment to ensure lasting learning and practical change in the workplace.

Areas of training and coaching include:

Motivation Management

Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

Stress Management

Foundation Management development programmes in modular formats

Designing Company Induction Programmes

Diagnostically analysing under-performing teams

Managing Cultural change within organisations and teams

Redefining and aligning Vision and Mission to Values

Edwards Deming PDCA model for problem solving

Effective enhancement of business behaviours including presentation skills and the effective use of your voice

Managing Business Relationships

Communication in many different forms tailored to required business needs

Effective Networking skills for busy professionals

Personal branding to enhance professional impact

Managing People brilliantly to drive business goals

Team Building in various guises using Tuckman’s model

Career Management and Redeployment through transition and redundancy

Roberts’ areas of expertise also include: project management taking in the whole end to end process from inception to conclusion; change management and stakeholder engagement to fully understand the impact of initiating project concepts and ensuring successful implementation; risk analysis to enable proactive and effective decision making and people management to create successful teams and employees.