Oak Tree’s USP’s

Our comprehensive management information processes ensures that we are able to respond flexibly and rapidly to any changes in our partners’ business drivers, thus ensuring that our programmes have the latest learning and development content are tailored to deliver business excellence for our client partners

We seek to ‘feel what the customer feels’, ‘think what the customer is thinking’, ‘understand the customer’s business language’, have a holistic view of your values, employee understanding of those values and your relationships with your customers.

Our international experience and understanding for organisations to develop self-directed or self-managed work teams provides an excellent opportunity for integrating the thinking, methods and tools of the quality movement into everyday work, without the negative effects of implementing a ‘system’. Our flexibility and support for organisations in understanding the need to pay equal attention to the “What” and “How” of staff development, often is then reflected in competency/behavioural frameworks and employee deal processes.

We offer a partnership approach to our clients, this enables us to integrate with your organisation, you will have a named project manager and a single point of administration/co-ordination contact, who will work with the L & D Team to ensure we have a full understanding of requirements and all feedback is utilised to recommend changes to programmes and/or materials as necessary to meet organisational objectives. The team that commences with your contract will work closely with your organisation throughout the contract building trust, empathy for your needs, understanding of your organisations global culture and provide challenge and consistency of delivery.

Evaluation of all learning and development interventions is completed with your internal teams and we track and trend management information as part of continuous improvement strategy. Our performance is externally assessed by Lloyds via our international standard; ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system. Management information is provided on a regular basis to maintain and push the boundaries of learning within the parameters of the service levels agreed with our partners.

The environmentally compatible electronic and memory stick option for course reference materials provides participants with the flexibility to transfer learning back into the work place globally.

We continue to off set our total carbon footprint with our ongoing commitment in partnership with the ‘Greenlight Trust’ and Schools for Pupils with Educational and Special Needs too supply and plant a natural English oak tree in the UK for every course delivered. Projects also include the promotion of rainforest sustainability in Papua New Guinea and throughout the world.